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Craftmatic Adjustable Beds - Model IICraftmatic Adjustable Beds - Model Craftmatic Monaco
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Craftmatic Adjustable Beds - Model Craftmatic Monaco
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Craftmatic Adjustable Beds have been improving the sleep quality of customers for over 40 years. Our Adjustable Sleep System is designed not only to provide comfort and better sleep, but also to help improve your overall health. It gives the user the power to find the best, most comfortable sleeping position. Over a thousand positions can be tried with a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed which may include elevation of both the upper and lower body. This is a luxury you cannot experience when lying on a regular flat bed. Learn More >>

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Marvelous for Bad backs! I used to have to psyche myself up to face a really sharp pain every morning getting out of bed – now I don’t feel it anymore – don’t know why but it’s true!– Mr & Mrs Ashton, Burwood CCH

Adjust Your Bed to Suit Your Individual Needs!

A Craftmatic Adjustable Bed lets you effortlessly and automatically elevate your upper body, legs, and feet into your most comfortable sleeping position. It supports your spine and reduces strain on your neck during sleep. With easy access hand control, a Craftmatic bed provides a higher level of relaxation than any flat bed ever could.

After reading a book or catching the late evening news, simply turn on the bed’s soothing built-in massage options. Craftmatic electronic beds promote restful sleep, comfort, relaxation, and wellness. From your very first request for information until the day a Craftmatic adjustable bed is placed in your bedroom and beyond, we will continually provide you a pleasant and rewarding experience with our sleep solutions. Learn More >>